About Us

QSystems Global Ltd is an independent software vendor and technology provider of country level payment platforms for

  • Central and Commercial Banks,
  • E-Governments,
  • Post Offices.

We invest into innovations and offer a unique, a “game changer” and a ready to use solutions which predict and construct the future of remittances & payments.

Remittances Platform

With 20 years of experience, practice, and strategic insight, QSystems has developed and continues to implement the Remittances Platform (RP) - a unified gateway of money transfer processing for any participant involved in the remittance ecosystem.

The RP is an effective and streamlined solution that provides a practical and secured interconnection between remittance entities – Central, Commercial or Settlement Banks, MTOs (Money Transfer Operators), and their Agents.

The platform is designed to implement robust processing, settlement, and risk management tools to perform financial and operational activities in compliance with General Principles for International Remittance Services to include – tools for the counteraction of the financing of terrorism, AML (Anti-Money Laundering) procedures, sanctions, and limits.

Our service allows us to connect all participants of the remittance process to the digital economy, thereby providing technologies to both banked and 1.7 billion unbanked, making them visible in the global financial system. Digitization of the operations offers a unique opportunity to increase speed, reliability, and transparency while reducing costs through an advanced technology solution.

MTO Agents

Money Transfer

  • ONE connection to ALL
    Money Transfer Operators

Central Bank RP

Central Bank

  • Legal environment
  • Risk mitigation
  • Infrastructure
  • Transparency
  • Performance
  • Security


Money Transfer

  • ONE connection to ALL
    Money Transfer Agents


We provide integrated solutions for

  • Single window solution for the Bank, which provides unified access to wide range of services (Remittances, Payments, SWIFT, etc.) via single interface on the operational level and automates all integrations with the core-banking system.
  • Unified access to a wide range of service providers (Utilities, Mobile Networks, E-Commerce, etc.).
  • Governmental electronic payment platform which interconnects state service providers with payment operators.
  • Unified, centralized platform, connecting MTOs, Banks, MTO Agents.
  • Postal platform that automates all postal services and operations plus allows to create a ‘Financial Supermarket’ for 3rd party providers, such as MTOs, PSPs, Banks, Credit Organizations etc.
  • Parcel locker platform for unmanned delivery and collection of postal parcels via a network of self-service pickup machines.
  • Earning IT solutions for Postal Organizations.




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